Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Morning dew

It had been a chillier night than the night before and although I had the intention to up my game today and swim six lengths, I didn't! I stuck by four lengths ... my "excuse", I don't have one :) four lengths felt enough .. yes that's what it was! Instead, I saw lots of subjects to photograph starting with this lovely Daffodil bearing beautiful droplets of morning dew!

Lovely morning dew on the daffs around the tree outside the Lido entrance

(unknown) Swimmer, covered from head to toes - hard to tell who it is ... maybe a blog follower?!

Fiona enjoying her morning swim

Chris sitting on the winners podium, looking rather sheepishly wondering whether he was going to be told off by Brian for doing so ?!

Then I saw Ivan and jokingly pointed out that he was swimming in the wrong direction cause everybody is swimming lengths while he was on widths :) "I'm just looking forward to getting in the sauna asap", was his reply ;)

Clare starting off in her lovely Esther Williams cosy and flippers

Pip making her way in (the water temperature remained at 8 Celsius)

Inez (with a Z!) as she pointed out this morning in the sauna ... that reminded me of the song Liza Minnelli sang ... it's Liza with Z not Lisa with an S cause Lisa with an S goes "S" not "Z" ... etc... do you know that song?!


  1. Four lengths seems plenty, especially when you're so busy taking all thoses pictures. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you Alex- still hoping to see you at the lido - you got to make it onto the blog too :)