Thursday, 25 March 2010

Top half vs Bottom half

This is what happens when the water temperatures rises to an all time high (for this season) : the pool gets crowded!

Half of Tom trying to catch up with another swimmers bottom half ... in this case John's ;)

Now Tom had to watch out for oncoming traffic .. :)

and finally free, Tom is totally immersed during his breaststroke

Gertie and Bertie watching Vince float by

Doc Andy on his tour around the pool .. first on his front ... and ...

... then on his back! What an exceptional inspiration for all of us!

John was waiting for the sun to lure him in ... and once he was in - there was no stopping him, with or without the sun (which kept peeping through the clouds on and off,!

And finally, another shot of our "mystery man" here performing a tumble turn ... in fact I can reveal his name ... if not his face.. yet ! It's Mat! he's just back from swimming in Mexico and not quite up for the cold water ... yet! He does motor up and down the pool quite a lot which I guess would be a tall order just in goggles, cap and trunks !

Having said that, Margy being Margy, went from walking across the width of the pool for weeks to swimming 12 lengths in 9 celsius today!

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