Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Twiddling toes

Who's the beauty posing on the Lido fountain? ... keep looking, the answer is at the end of the page.

We were warned since yesterday that due to maintenance the sauna wouldn't be on this morning ... hence when I got to the Lido at 8.15am I saw lots of people standing around ... people - and I mean swimmers :) who are normally in the water as opposed to outside that time of day :) they had fun though - everybody seemed to have a song or melody on their lips - see what the slightest hint of spring can do!
And why not?!
Besides, the sun was out, the water must surely be benefitting from the rays too and therefore be getting warmer, right?! I came prepared - At least I cycled to the Lido with that thought in mind and prepared myself - at least mentally - to do another PD : swim 2 lengths without taking refuge in the sauna straight after!
Not quite sure what the others had in mind other than stand around and wait for better days?!
ASs it turned out, all wasn't gloom because lifeguard Sarah greeted me with "we have just switched the sauna on, they have finished working on it". Hey magic! However, it does take a good 40 min to an hour for the temperature to reach the right temperature ... so I was still intending to stick to my original plan! And so I did - 2 lengths ... then I had a shower and then I did sneak into the sauna ... crafty hey?!well I wasn't going to sit in my wet cosy sitting in a lukewarm sauna .. that just didn't appeal...

one swimmer (jonathan) twiddling (no not his fingers) but his toes - by the looks of it :)

To be fair Vince (although delaying his swim) made a move shortly after this picture was taken and boosted by the thought that the sauna could be warm enough he even swam 4 lengths - however the sauna was nowhere near warm enough to do the trick ... let's hope Vince has warmed up by now:)

Batch waiting too, cup of coffee in hand - he too went in for 4 lengths and a lukewarm sauna :)

Sue arrived as fit and ready as ever!

Simon had a better idea and got ready to tackle the 5 Celsius in his wetsuit...

... Which Betty finds hilarious! Betty actually never goes in the sauna after her daily swims - she was up to swimming one length

Here we go, the beauty is: our own, very special BBC personality nominee, Doreen - You must see this photo in real -it's absolutely magical!


  1. 5C really? well I definitely will be in this week-end - but I do hope the sauna is up to full temperature before I get out!
    Doreen looks stunning - a great picture, who took it?

  2. Hi Alex, the sauna should be fine - they were just doing some maintenance on it this morning ... sure you will enjoy the swim! some studio photographer tok Doreens pic in a studio - on another occasion he came and took a shot of the pool and then put her up there in post production - probably in photoshop - looks stunning!and Doreen is over the moon!

  3. I thought she really was standing on the fountain!