Friday, 19 March 2010

Now you do, now you don't

I was in a bit of a hurry this morning ... I had to be back home by 9am (which if the truth be known .. I didn't manage!) why? well the water was too lovely! and I got carried away chatting ... as usual! Nevertheless I got to my appointment albeit a touch late ...:) and also got a few photos!

This what I saw when coming through the gate at the top end of the lido today ... but who is it?

ah ok, it's Sangeeta! she quickly interrupted her swim to come and say hello ... before ...

she was gone again ...the series of shots I took reminded me of "now you see (her) and now you don't (see her)" !

The water and air temperatures are creeping up daily now! Water was even up as "high" as 7.2 Celsius this morning! Spring must be here ... more proof - spring has finally sprung! well, some have (sprung) and some haven't quite yet!

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