Thursday, 18 March 2010

Less is more

What a lovely day again ...

Whose cosy, cap and shower sponge is that?

James came to the Lido specially to be featured on the blog ... assuring me that he reads it every day and that he even voted for me - thank you james - I simply had to take a shot of him! Sadly he must have had his dip while I was in the sauna which meant that I couldn't get a photo of James in action ... he wanted a shot looking over the cubical door - those who know James will know how tall he is and that he didn't even have to make an effort to look out the closed door!! however, I think next time I'll have to catch him swimming :)

Steven, looking very relaxed and happy after his early morning swim

Jonathan leaving the Lido .. but not before ...

... taking a photo of Rixa, Steven and myself ... which he assures me is "a great shot" ... yes, but you cut half of Rixa off Jonathan! "no, no, it's perfect" he insisted .. as for Rixa .. "that's fine, I don't mind having less hair" ok then, I'll post it, (under the motto :less is more") Jonathan! let's see what other people think of the photo?! :) comments welcome!

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  1. I like my picture - my moment of fame!