Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Spot on the blog

The air temperature remains fairly mild - according to David, the water temperature remained unchanged too. The only thing that does seem to change these days is the number of people turning up for a plunge! and how long they manage to stay in the water! members seem to also stay around for longer after their swim which is great! Today I met Jenny (for example) who I have not met before and who I am happy to report also enjoys reading the blog!keep scrolling down because she too got her spot on the blog today !

Angie striding along searching for the best spot to get in the pool

This can only be "art" :)

Hilary swimming to her heart's content

Pip's well earned plunge after swimming six lengths and getting cooked in the sauna ...

.. the feast of pleasures seems to be never ending for Pip .. now she's (also) enjoying a cup of coffee :)

While Jenny was motoring up and down the pool for a total of 8 lengths!

... and looking greatly refreshed before heading on to the sauna!

meanwhile, the mystery of the mummified swimmer goes on ... but wait, there is another clue: he wears GAP flip flops - does anybody know who it is?

Eddy enjoying a hot drink and a natter after his swim

Penny taking it easy before he swim - did you know that Penny used to run marathons?

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