Saturday, 20 March 2010

New faces, new toys

Never mind the rain, the water temperature was up! That must be a good sign! In fact, today, the temperature has reached this years all time high: 8 Celsius - now that's what I call progress!
One could really feel the difference too while swimming - long may it continue up and up the thermometer - at least as far as 10 Celsius that would be a great incentive for doing more lengths and for taking my camera into the water again when I'm actually in, as opposed to holding it in from pool side to take underwater shots...

Meet Nicola, and her daughters Mabel and Hettie

Nicola getting Hettie ready for her cold water experience - their normal swimming lesson got cancelled so Nicola thought of introducing her daughters to the Lido in winter .. well almost spring ;)

Hettie still showing a bit hesitant ... but...

... not for long - look at that , she's in!

In addition to last week's flippers, Mandy is swimming with her "new toy" on her hands

take a close look and you'll see it on her hand - it helps get more pull under water

Sue powering up and down - unassisted:)

Gus swam even more lengths than Sue .. not sure how many - but impressive all the same!


  1. I made it to the Lido today for the first time this year, The board said 9 celsius but the mutterings from around the pool said that was a bit optimistic. I sat on the edge for a while thinking it over, then Giles was getting in so I had no excuse and launched myself in the water. It was really cold after such a long break, on the first two lengths I got a headache like from too much ice cream and it was hard to coordinate my stroke, on the second two I just felt the sting of cold but got into my rhythm, Giles carried on so I followed him, the third two were much easier, I wasn't sure if I was hot or cold? Then Giles pushed off again so I did lengths 7 & 8 after which I was glad he got out because I really had to and the sauna was lovely and warm. Sorry for the long post and thanks for the inspiration over those cold winter weeks.

  2. my goodness Alex that's amazing! from zero lengths to 8! thats inspiring to me!!! I only did 4 this morning -I always get back in after the sauna and today I could have swam another 4 after the sauna but had to go as I was late ...