Friday, 26 March 2010

Swimming with visitors

Spring at the Lido has become synonymous with welcoming our yearly visitors Gertie and Bertie! As I arrived at the pool this morning the lovely couple were parading at the top end of the pool - For a minute I thought they were making a bee line for the thermometer to check the temperature ... however when they saw me getting in position to take a photo, they changed direction and got out of the pool for a short while ... must have been getting a touch cold for them :)!

So, off I went the get changed. I was swimming up and down, and saw that they came back in! Could I get a bit closer to them while in the water with them? Why not, I was game to give it go!

I got out to grab my camera and swam towards them. They seemed much happier to have me get closer once I was sharing the same element with them! It was a lot of fun albeit brrrrrr cold! It was well worth it though and I love the under water shot I managed to get! It was a matter of hit and miss because my goggles had steamed up so much I couldn't really see whether I had in frame what I set out to get ... luckily I did!

Bertie and Gertie

Gertie and Bertie enjoying paddling about while Sue and Chris (you can just about see them in the background) are motoring up and down the pool

swimming with Gertie and Bertie and exposing that it's all happening under water :)

Being in the pool with our visitors is a real privilege

After all that hard swimming, Gertie is taking a well deserved nap


  1. I love the ducks feet - great shot.

  2. Great photos! Must get back to the lido soon, I last came in Nov when it was 9 degrees, couldn't take it any colder! Is it back to 'swimable' temperatures?

  3. Thank you Janine, the temperature is back to 9 celsius ... not sure if this qualifies as "swimmable " for you :) let's hope for more sunshine and mild nights!