Thursday, 4 March 2010


I took a friend to the airport this morning so only made it to the Lido around lunch time - 12.30 - It felt "deserted" ... :) void of the usual smiles - just a few different faces ... Eamon, who I have seen before - without knowing his name :), Stuart who I hadn't (officially) met before but had heard about when his sister Sue (not Rentoul!) mentioned him in a conversation and another gentleman who I had never seen before ... and didn't get a chance to meet properly...
The sun was out and so was the wind! your best place was either in the water or in the sauna! I did both as per usual and felt better for it- Also I missed the usual morning banter (in and outside of the sauna). However, it was lovely to be chatting to different people :)
Eamon is training for this year's London Marathon and has run in loads of marathons before (I forget how many ... but an impressive number!)
Stuart who lives in Battersea (not sure about the correct spelling - there are so many different ways of writing that name !) likes swimming in his lunch break. I used to swim in that slot a lot too., specially in my first year of cold water swimming. It's a nice way to break up the day ... but now I feel that there is nothing better than starting the day with that rush and morning kick early morning swimming give you!

Eamon making waves as he races across the pool

... and slowing dow a touch

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