Wednesday, 31 March 2010

See you soon Sarah

Lifeguard Sarah was serving her last day at the Lido today. DC Leisure have decided to move her back to the Balham Leisure Centre. What a shame ... she's bravely endured all the cold weather ( there was a lot of standing around on those cold and windy days !) and now that spring is (almost) here and summer near (so we hope), she will be stuck back indoors down in Balham ... no wonder she went for her (last) dip this morning! She even had a go at sitting in the sauna ... for a short while only! "Real swimmers, says Bob (who was on duty with Sarah today) don't need the sauna!" But, hang on a minute Bob ... we swim longer distances than you do (well, some of us do anyway!) so we are allowed to beg to differ!

Actually, I found it quite miserable out there this morning. It took dedication to get undressed! However, once the decision to strip down to my swimming attire was made and I got in, the water felt lovely .. do I sound surprised? Yes and no! Yes, because it just doesn't make sense ... but no, I'm truly not surprised because the magic element water is, swimming in it no matter how cold just always feels amazing!

I once heard some one say: "no matter how good one feels before swimming, one always feels much better afterwards!" and this is absolutely true!

Gertie and Bertie trying to get away from the oncoming "monster" as fast as they can :)

Lifeguard Sarah celebrating her last swim for a while ... when I asked her ... jump in again!

and wave us a proper good bye ... it's only for now though ... because she'll be back for her swim at the Lido that's for sure : "proper swimming can only be done here", she said

Margy peeping out of her cubical to find out what all the fuss was about!

Doreen demonstrating by the choice of her clothes that winter temperatures were back today ... not that this put Betty and Marianne off from swimming up and down!

Marianne swimming next to Betty to help her see better (Bettie has had an operation on her eye, hence the goggles - she usually swims without them)

and finally: Guess who I met when cycling home from the Lido? Billie and Millie, strolling along Tooting Bec Road

"Is this the way to the Lido? I heard there is quite a nice waterhole there"?

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