Thursday, 1 April 2010

Morning performances

I was a bit late to catch breakfast at the lido this morning .. Gertie and Bertie had just finished :) If you weren't quite sure, Brian is a bit of a softy really .. :) he brings bread for the lovely couple and makes sure they are well looked after .. ahhhhh! When I arrived they thought that the feast was continuing and came closer and closer before realising that, sadly I had come empty handed ... From a distance I heard Brian calling me.. a Red Robin was serenading a squirrel up on a tree! Unfortunately I can't show you pictures of that performance as the zoom on my IXUS is not strong enough and all I could have captured would have been bear branches and two dots in the distance :)
The next spectacle I witnessed and captured, however, was Jonathan and Rixa performing their morning routine ... which proved to be very enlightening stuff!

The sun was lovely and yet it had been a frosty night which meant that the water temperature was down ... I haven't checked with David but, believe me, it was colder than the last few mornings... my guess is that it's back to 7 Celsius - still well in range for swimming lengths!

Gertie and Bertie having a bit of a natter outside the lifeguards office ... after Brian gave them breakfast

Gorgeous Gertie and

... Beautiful Bertie!

Although hesitant yesterday ... he was first in today!

Jonathan's sun salutation

Rixa has her special morning ritual too :)

Barbara is watching on and not quite sure whether she'd like to join in ... quite yet :)

Gita arriving well prepared for her morning swim ...

... and now she's in without the slightest hesitation!

Margy in attacking style

Will arriving with his children

Will cruising along is his elegant style, using all of his reach to great effect

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