Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Hungry Bertie

Bertie was very hungry this morning - but dry wheatbix?! no thanx! I need to go for a drink before I can get those down the hatch!

Weetabix are unbetabix!

Bertie's spectacular exit form the pool - take one

and take two! and all that effort to get more soggy Weetabix!

Finally I got to meet Alex, an avid blog follower who has been sending me lovely comments!
by the way he is a great swimmer too! I was in a bit of a rush this morning but I'll also have to get him in action sometime - soon!

Egg !


  1. Yay! I made it on the blog. I'm enjoying joining in with the morning gang and I can just about do it without being late for work. It's a 10 mile cycle from home to the pool then on to the office which is leaving me a bit tired in the afternoon.

  2. :) glad we finally met!you seem to be doing quite a workout (judging from this morning) so no wonder you get tired in the afternoon ... where is work? how many lengths did you do this morning then? C u tomorrow

  3. I've been working in Gateshead so great to see what's happening over past couple of days. Achieved my personal best of 10 lengths Sunday (no gloves or boots) and also got the funny hand infliction, couldn't put my fingers together... really strange. Back tomorow - hurrah

  4. congratulations Gail !! so another P B it is then!! are you ahead of Wendy now?! or did she swim the 10 lengths with you?!

  5. I'll be back on Friday, couldn't make it today. I work in Victoria near the station. Perhaps you'll be able to speed past me with those fins?