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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Circus act

I have seen stranger things than I have witnessed this morning ... but not really at the Lido?! I wondered for a while what was going on .. and then I understood : serious rehearsals!

I'm not exactly sure what Jonathan and Nick are doing ... but there must be a reason for it! My guess is that they are probably rehearsing for a circus act ..:) I also caught Bertie and Gertie rehearsing for their act - scroll down and you'll see it!

I just like this shot :) I like the shadow, I like reflection of the sun on the metal, I like the cap on the handle bar, I like the shape of a Brompton bike, I like it being orange and of course I like its owner too :)

... here he is, Egg and and his bike :)

Carl ... and not M..k (hey this time I got it right, Carl!) all smiles (not only because I finally got his name right!!!) after his 22 lengths - that's two days in a row he's been swimming that distance in 9 Celsius ....

Annie swimming freestyle one way ... and

... breaststroke the other!

What's happening here? Bertie and Gertie balancing on one leg all while taking a snooze in the sun - that looks much more difficult than Jonathan and Nick's act:)

Brian and Aaron closely following the rehearsals

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  1. Thanks Flo...oops Elizabeth. I'm moving tomorrow, so won't be doing more til at least Saturday morning!