Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Mr. Bubbles

What a glorious morning! Time to have another go with "The liquid mask"! Photo opportunities were ample - Alex was still in the pool (can you imagine he swam 26 lengths today, when the water temperature is still only 11 Celsius!) He is a bit of a perfectionist too (see the comment he left on April 16th) I thought of getting more shots of him so that he could have fun analysing his technique again! This time I made sure the camera was switched on before getting in and I also always made sure to reach for the smaller of the two buttons on the mask to take a shot. I still found it tricky to align my shots and get the framing right ...

Anyway here are a few of the shots I did manage to take .. I love the one of the water - I could almost get away pretending it was a painting :) these kind of shots come about when I'm too tired to race after a swimmer and am waiting for one or two to come back into my range! But I simply love these arty shots! one never can tell how these shots turn out because sometimes water still flows over the lens ... which makes clicking even more fascinating.

I'm sure Alex will have fun comparing his style to Alfonso's! Not sure if it's all down to bubbles or no bubbles Alex?! At least you swam 26 lengths versus Alfonso's (only) 16 :)

simply magical!

Mr. Alex "Bubbles"

interesting angle ... still bubbles :)

would you believe it .... more bubbles !

versus : Mr. Alfonso "Smooth"

See, no bubbles :)

Bertie and Brian enjoying a relaxing moment

The charge of the Bubbles

Sue Bairstow gliding along


  1. Elizabeth - I did 36 lengths or two miles the other day, after I saw you.

  2. I love the water shot, it's beautiful.
    I don't mean to use your pictures just for stroke analysis but the proof is there, Alfonso is so smooth and he is really quick. I'll have to race him again one morning. Carl - I did tell everyone you did 36 on Monday.

  3. Thanks Alex. It seems a little unreal to me - so I feel that if I say it...I also witnessed Alfonso the other day. I wasn't watching his stroke, but he is fast. I paced him for a few lengths, but then thought I should slow down to be smoother. As I tend to lose the tranquility when I up the pace.

  4. Yes Alex did tell us about your 36 lengths Carl! Amazing!must catch u in action under water some time (soon)! this may yet become the "battle" of the smoothest! am off to Lille tomorrow for the/my (birhday)day ..:) don't think I'll be able to fit a splish in before taking the Eurostar... have fun swimming! ...and C u thursday,
    Glad you like the photos Alex .. you have till thursday to work on your technique:)