Monday, 19 April 2010


Back from my weekend in Norfolk - and still swimming with wild animals ... three ducks are now occupying the Lido waters... and quite a few swimmers too ...makes a change from the beautiful seals I saw on the beach and in the sea in Norfolk!

Today, I had a go at trying to keep up with Sue and Margy ... once they caught on to my challenge they raised the bar and "made me" :) swim with them ...! it simply exhausted me ... can you believe it, I was wearing the training fins .. and yet I was finding it really hard to swim at their pace ... swimming with the training fins was making my legs work hard consequently I was fast getting out of breath - Margy coached me slowing down my stroke and on using the fins correctly - it's not purely a matter of kicking harder, it's more of a flick .... which I still have to perfect .. anyway I din't feel quite as useless tiring myself out as Sue and Margy found it hard to keep up with me too and found some "pleasure" in tiring too! A win/win situation ...?! :) maybe?!

Sarah swimming beautiful breaststroke

I had to run up pool side to catch up with Sarah ... as I hadn't met her before .. can't be publishing people on the blog without (the right) names ... right?!:)

You've always got to be on the watch out ... you never know who may be sneaking up on you, these days!

Bertie in suspension ...

... and pushing hard ...under water ...

while looking so very relaxed

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