Monday, 26 April 2010

Cloudy water

For some reason ( I didn't check with the guards) the water was very cloudy this morning ... warm enough (well 12 Celsius that is) but rather murky. For another strange reason I felt really great swimming today - It's true one couldn't see much but my stroke felt good - my stroke felt rhythmical and this rolling and stretching sensation I try to create has come back ... in contrast to last last week when my stroke felt uneven and anything but smooth ... I'm sure that the "warmer" water does help the muscles to relax a bit more! So it can only get better, right?!

The water temperature must be rising ... I caught Egg doing a bit more than (only) jumping in!

For some reason, the water was very cloudy today which made for interesting images! Here an eerie looking creature is powering towards me.

Can anyone recognise who it is yet ... the style (nice study of the arm movement pushing down and past) can only point towards ...

... Mr (Alex) bubbles :)

Chris on his solo swim ... Sue and Margy swam much earlier today - Funnily enough Chris didn't stay in pool for long at all ..."It's only half as much fun alone ... I don't have the same motivation." (was his "excuse!)

However, chatting to fellow thespian Alistair Petrie was much more fun!

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  1. They're really good images, the cloudy water makes a nice blue cast, they are a bit spooky. I was worried about crashing into you in the murky water so I had to sight more often than usual. I do prefer swimming in clear water with the sun shining but these make more unusual images, a bit more abstract/painterly perhaps like a Gerhard Richter painting.