Friday, 9 April 2010


Being otherwise engaged this morning meant that I only made it to the Lido around 12.30 missing all the morning commotion .. but with the sun out to play there were quite a lot of people, grown ups as well as children hanging out at the pool over lunch too. Some were soaking up the rays while others jumped in the pool for fun and yet others powered up and down! Pleasure all around! The sun felt really warm whereas the water although showing double figures still felt cold :) Well let's face it swimming in 10 Celsius is still quite an achievement (for most!) The sauna was on until 1pm so I had a quick warm up before going in for my second swim (of another 4 lengths). Now I just missed out on going back in the sauna but I resorted to a hot, hot shower ... It felt so comforting that I struggled to free myself from the gentle stream ... eventually I had to as the Lido closes at 2pm :)

Liam feeling freeeeeeeee

Rose and Lucia making the most of their Easter school break!

Julie, winner of the easter monday Egg & Spoon race and her friend (who I forgot to ask for her name ....) thinking about getting in ;)

Julie is in

Gertie and Bertie parading around the edge of the pool well clear of what's about to happen on the other side ...

Kevin getting ready for the ....big...

.... plunge!

Laurie and Nathaniel enjoying their time at the Lido

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