Friday, 23 April 2010

Sun, sun, sun

Another exceptionally beautiful morning at the Lido! Long may it last! Would be great if the sun could actually drive the thermometer up just in time for the end of the sauna season!

Sue and Chris swam a mile

Jonathan is still wearing his "balaclava" and socks

which enables him to enjoy a prolonged swim ...

... and play to the camera!

Nicky warming up in the sauna after having swam a mile too

Chris made Nicky, Sue and myself pose!

Peter having a cool splish before setting off

Margaret Howard in a funcky" kiefer swim suit

Final adjustments before ...

... taking to the fresh Lido water

Christine Bickerstaff, campaigning (for labour) and collecting rubbish for the Lido float!

Joe has been missing out on his Lido splash for a good few weeks as he had to have some warts removed - thankfully they are harmless and Joe will be back for a swim very soon...

... he is looking into applying a waterproof dressing to his wounds so that he can get in the water sooner.

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