Wednesday, 28 April 2010

In a bit of a rush

I was in a big rush this morning ... and I found myself running out of time to take more shots .. a shame because the water was (almost) back to it's usual clarity and I would have loved to take more shots - specially as there were subjects galore in the pool - Anyway I first swam my 10 lengths before grabbing my camera - the water felt sensational! I really enjoyed my swim as I'm sure a lot of you did too! one or two Celsius more and we'll be back to "summer temperatures" :) Hey' I'll do my mile then! In fact I set myself the goal to swim 30 lengths - not every day :) but a want to get my stamina up ...

Before having top rush off I took some shots and wanted to experiment a bit more with the kind of shots I started taking yesterday - it does add a certain dynamic .. like Clare said in her comment she posted yesterday! Thanx for that Clare -It's so cool to get comments! Thanx also to Alex who usually leaves me comment too!

Pip trying out yet another wet suit - this time a sleeveless one

Pips has entered a swim where participants have to wear a wetsuit - being a "pure cold water swimmer", however, Pip doesn't own a wetsuit ... she's finding swimming it restricting

Julie on her way

It's lovely how the water undulates during Alison's breaststroke swim

Hilary was such a good sport about having yesterday's (unflattering but "fun"!) picture of her on the blog that I thought I'd better get an action shot of her on today! We did have a laugh about shot this morning at the pool ... Hilary is really a great sport!
I love the lovely reflection of the doors!

I find this shot confusing but interesting at the same time ... can you figure out what's going on in that Busy shot?:) I'll tell you: Alfonso (blue cap) is swimming in one direction while Alex (you can just spot his orange cap) is swimming in the other! The shot would have been more effective without a person waking along in the background - I feel this is what makes the shot so "busy" - But hey, Margy is watching a swimmer from pool side (giving swimming tips)

Ivan looking rather cold after his 12 lengths - "that's the most I've ever done!" hey, well done Ivan a PB (personal best)!


  1. Hi there. Nice to have a pic of me swimming rather than blowing my nose! It was me that Margy was giving tips to (and spoiling your shot!)- she promised to check out my stroke and was good as her word. Going to be trying to iron out the problems over the next few weeks... Hilary

  2. The picture of me and Alfonso is amazing, it would have been impossible to set it up. I love all the arcs that the shoulders, heads and arms make, it's really good. I'm surprised how turned out my hand is, I've tried to stop doing that.