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Friday, 2 April 2010

Tour of the cubicles

Lots of people were swimming this morning and so was I :) but when I had finished my swim so had everybody else .. so who was I going to capture for the blog?? looking around for subjects all I could see was interesting open cubicles which made me smile ... so I thought of giving you a tour of the cubicles :) see if you can figure out who occupied which cubicle?:)

But that wasn't all I saw ... Lifeguard Anthony is back now that Sarah has moved back to Balham Leisure Centre - So welcome back Anthony!Last time I saw him the pool was frozen over and he was working hard clearing the ice.

The flippers and goggles may be the clue ! Avid Blog followers should find this one easy!

back and white.. who could that be?

might the red carpet be the clue here?

surely these clothes belong to a man .. but which man?

Wendy was one of the exposed cubicle users.. but which one?

hey, I found a swimmer! Lucie was chuffed after her 4 lengths!

and another swimmer about to get in : Nicola, spider woman one day dead head the next !

Gail after her shower- little did she know that I sneaked up on her cubicle too .. but which one?

Nicola was racing off in her new cozy! it was hard to keep up with her on foot ... wonder what it's like to swim next to her?

Now that Anthony is back Aaron can go for a snooze!

Oh wait! here comes Inez! she's even waving ... but not to say hello .. but to say nooo don't take me :) too late :)

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