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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Mandy's medley

The water was still cloudy today ... intrigued about it and because regular blog readers wanted to know .. :) Im thought I'd better ask ... "It's because of the air in the water" ... who better to give me the answer than Brian! "Seriously" he added - the pump broke down , air wasn't circulating well enough and (apparently) that's what happens ...

However cloudy the water was ... it also felt great - Temperature keeper David wasn't on hand to give the exact temperature - he's away on Holiday for a week or so ... he did tell me where he was off to .. but .. hey .. what can I say ... sadly I didn't remember the destination - all I remember is that it's somewhere warm :)

So instead of getting more eerie looking underwater pictures I concentrated on Mandy who is training hard for a competition she's entered ... Mandy is great at all strokes! When I spotted her (I was in the sauna when she got in the pool) she had already done 10 lengths of freestyle!

Fortunately, Mandy was game to swim some more purely for the camera! I was also keen to take a short video clip with the little Ixus ...

After having swam 10 lengths and before getting out I wanted to try another type of action shot

Chris back with some more "serious action" swimming next to Sue

Mandy on her medley : Breaststroke


I do like the (butterfly) splash ... but I only got it because the time lapse from the time I release the shutter and the camera actually taking the shot is quite long when I have the Ixus in the waterproof casing! I did end up taking it out of the housing-now that I was taking shots from outside the water!

and more Butterfly :)


Jenny already all smiles before her swim .. just imagine how happy she'll be feeling after a few lengths :)

Happy Vince after his swim

Hilary wondering why the water was still cloudy and felt that it irritated her nose :)

Mandy's medley


  1. The butterfly pictures are really great, Mandy is a very good swimmer. I like the shot of Chris, real dynamism

  2. I love the water-level shot of Sue & Chris with the cabins and people in the background - it really conveys their speed and smoothness through the water. Thanks for Mandy's masterclass too!