Monday, 12 April 2010

Happy face

I must admit I didn't feel up to much swimming this morning .... I stayed up much too late watching the US Master from Augusta! British Golfer, Lee Westwood, was in there with a chance but couldn't quite keep up his form of his previous three rounds ... Not that I'm a golf addict, nor expert ...far from it, I'm not even very knowledgeable about the game but for some reason (not particularly to watch Tiger Woods either !) I was drawn into watching it and seeing it out to its conclusion! The way these guys read and play the course and the greens is quite remarkable! In case you didn't now (but did care!) Lee Westwood came second and American Phil Mickelson won :) oh and a "stroppy" Tiger came 4th :)

Great to see Carol's happy face again

Who is this swimming on her back?


and who could this be?

Annie again ... on another length!

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