Friday, 16 April 2010

All geared up-or not

Here I was all geared up and ready to go .. but (sadly) nothing t0 show for - today ! ... with all the laughters prior to my getting in I didn't push the right button .. or did I ?! and then pushed the wrong button while taking shots... or whatever ... who knows ... I was fighting the cold as well as keeping up with all the fish in the pond ... and probably got confused with the two buttons on the mask ... anyway I have some strange video footage ... ( yes the liquid mask also takes video) but really nothing worth showing you ... BUT what I do have are pictures I took with my trusted friend, the IXUS - As I took the liquid mask off it only showed 5 files ... what 5, was my reaction!?! that can't be right! I took loads of shots .. anyway - no crying over spilt milk - I quickly grabbed my IXUS and went back in - by now I was really cold ... nevertheless -photo opportunities were still abundant so I just got on with sneaking up on some action until I was simply too dizzy to carry on ... sauna next- quickly!

All geared up ... ready for some (non) action :)

Alex swam a formidable 22 lengths this morning!

Keeping up with Alex was really tough - fins or no fins - by now having exhausted most of my energy before taking the IXUS back in the water, I simply couldn't keep up with him for long ... he seriously swims fast!

Gus on his mile


Time for some art :) - I was too tired to keep swimming up and down the pool chasing after Alex!

Fortunately Simon swam past:)

I had to make a bit of an effort and swim to the other side of the pool to get a shot of Jonathan though ...

That looked funny from where I was! all the clothes hanging up in each cubicle and Barbara and Inez chatting

and finally : the sauna! where it was all happening :)

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  1. Such dedication to go in with the second camera when you had already been in for a good while. I hope you've warmed up now! Great action shots, it's interesting to see the bubbles come off my hands, if my reach was cleaner there would be less and I'd go faster.