Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Where is the wife?

As I arrived this morning Bob and Bertie were having a conversation .. it was a bit one sided mind you - Bertie was doing most of the quacking - it sounded like: " where is Brian ? He usually has some bread for me! have you not got any?"
Gertie on the other hand was nowhere to be seen and I did wonder where Bertie's other half was? He must have have been a touch irritated by my persistent question and decided to take off over the fence to fetch her.

Bertie and Bob having a conversation ... mostly about food :) Gertie was nowhere to be seen...

So Bertie decided to take off in search of his other half - he did find her and they came flying back over the fence .. sadly I was at the other end of the pool when the couple gracefully landed on the water...

David is not quite ready to swim a length

Whereas Carl swam 22 lengths!! at 9 celsius - I thought I was being adventurous swimming 8!

Alison enjoying the calmness of the water

and striding towards me after her swim


  1. 22 lengths, that's amazing! I did fourteen last Sunday which I was rather proud of, then spent 20 minutes in the sauna to warm up again.

  2. Mark spent a long time in the sauna too! did you do the egg and spoon race Alex?

  3. Didn't make the egg and spoon race, it looked very funny. I don't usually make down to Tooting during the week, I read your blog instead!

  4. soooooo sorry Carl ...!are you sure it's carl ??!! :) you must have a mar in there .. somewhere ... it really puzzles me by now why I'm always calling you .. well I won't say it ...never again! not sure if I can promise but I'll make a real effort!XX