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Thursday, 22 April 2010

Lido Friend

Better late than never I'm posting a few photos from the lovely w/e Shirley and I spent in Norfolk in SLSC member Bridget Lawless' beautiful cottage (bang on the river) next to the village of Martham
It was a most magical time - a welcome change to life in London.
And you know what? Even Bertie (from the Lido) needed a change of scenery and came along - He too brought some pals! No Gertie though!
On the saturday we stayed on the river playing around (strangely enough without a swim) And on Sunday Bridget took us to the sea where another kind of magic unveiled itself : a huge colony of seals - some played on the beach, some swam around close to the beach while others were lazing around ... This time I couldn't resist and went for a swim too - not too close to the seals though as I wasn't sure whether they would mind .... well if the truth be know I was a bit nervous of them ... yes, I was used to Bertie and Gertie's company at the Lido but these were different kind of swimming buddies :) - the seals are huge and may have wanted to play a game I am not familiar with ... yet - it was after all the very first time I saw these beautiful wild creatures close up and I didn't want them to become too personal :)

The view out of our room at the cottage

Bridget took us on a boat ride down the canal

Shirley enjoying the peaceful ride

views from the boat

pure biss and tranquility

Bertie and his two pals making a Bee line for the bread we threw them

... and then Bertie got away ... no doubt missing Gertie and the Lido :)

Bertie's cousins enjoying their quiet moment

Time for a bit of action: first canoeing and then ...

... body surfing back to the beach

two seals playing with the waves

part of a huge colony of seals taking it easy and resting on the beach

Bridget in her other element: gardening

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