Thursday, 29 April 2010

Different styles

The water is getting warmer and warmer ... swimmers (including me) are getting more and more adventurous! For my part I swam my 10 lengths - I could have done a few more but I wanted to stay in longer to take some photos and some film clips - so, be prepared, it's time to compare styles!

I had a hard time getting underwater footage of Alex though ... he's just too fast and I couldn't keep my breath long enough either!

But first the stills - film clips are at the bottom.

Speedo man - not sure who it is ;) maybe a blog follower who will come forward to identify himself? :)

Vince suspended in water!

and Alex is off!

And now get ready for some moving action! The quality once uploaded is not as good as it really is - Blogger down sizes it quite a lot .. however I hope you'll still enjoy watching the clips!

and just one more thing:
Remember yesterday's shot of Alfonso and Alex swimming and Margy in the backgroung?
well, Alex had a bit of fun in his spare time and as he's a wiz in photoshop, he had a word with Margy and asked her to please get out of the shot :) and she greed!

Thanx Alex the photo looks so much better - no more distriction in the background!


  1. great vids - you are the blog queen of swimming

  2. :) thank you Carl :) see you soon!must catch you in action again!

  3. Great stuff, love the video clips. Vince is so laid back (in and out of the water). Glad you like the photoshopping, I'm not exactly a wiz, you'll notice the interior of the middle and right hand cabins look similar!