Saturday, 10 April 2010

A real treat

Forget swimming with dolphins ... here at the Lido we have a special attraction for you : swimming with ducks has become a real treat! Gertie and Bertie are becoming tamer and tamer and by the looks of it they are even having fun sharing "their pond" with us - it certainly is our biggest playground and by the looks of it seems to be their biggest one too!

However, by the time I got in Bertie and Gertie were resting pool side- having a good old nap!
So, today, I never got the thrill of splashing with them ... having no distraction meant that I had to set my sights on achieving another PB ... 10 lengths at 10 Celsius ... I did manage .. but if the truth be known, the last lengths was no fun! My hands were really feeling strange .. I couldn't keep my fingers together and had no feeling in my hands and arm at all ...which made for interesting strokes:) I tried a bit of crawl, a bit of breaststroke and a bit of backstroke .. they all felt weird :) Thank god the end end was near and the sauna just a few steps away ... ahhhhh revived at last!

swimming with ducks

John almost got the fright of his life when swimming this morning ... when he suddenly had to come up for air not realising how close he was to Gertie

Billy kept clear of ....

... Bertie who was enjoying his get away from the crowds!

But not for long! more traffic!

Now it was time to get out of the water and try to get a bit of nosh ... Anthony and Aaron had other things to do ...

so Gertie decided to get back in the water for another swim

No rest for the wicked ... now Bertie had to dodge Hilary who seemed to be swimming with real purpose :)

Theo was also on a mission!

Jonathan looking rather bemused as he reached the end of his swim

Veronique checking in with Gail and Wendy before jumping on her bike again

Doreen soaking up the rays and wisely protecting her forehead from the ever hotter spring sun!

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  1. I left the lido today at kicking out time - there was one person left swimming and Bertie & Gertie (plus a couple of friends?) seemed to want to hurry her out of the pool - they almost dive-bombed her!
    First time in the lido since Nov, managed 15 lengths with wetsuit and 2 without. I dont' know how you guys do it any colder!