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Saturday, 24 April 2010

A special visitor

Today, we got a special (sauna) visitor: Doreen! came looking for Sue Rentoul (who was obviously hiding from her :)) Anyway, it was all very important : "we need another poster!" and who better to be put on the case than Sue - She does all the graphic stuff you see around the Lido ... and much more!

Actually, it turned out to be quite a big sauna day - Chris, Sue, and Pip, rolled up their sleeves and got stuck into an intensive session of sauna spring cleaning! Thank you guys!

The water felt amazing, by the way ... just thought that deserves a mention too!

Is Sue Rentoul here?

yeahhhh - of course she is - and in good company too! Besides, where else could she possibly be when not in the water?!

Ahhhh there she is

Mandy after her swim

Margy and Egg's grand daughter Elsie-Pepper

"The reluctant scrubber" No not really! Chris in his "3rd element" (acting, swimming and yes scrubbing is at no. 3!) forget tennis, eating out, traveling, going to the cinema, making lists for things to put into room 101 ... and all the other things he enjoys :)

That's better! look at that, Chris has a great reach after all!

Well, we all knew that Sue has a great reach!

Pip also lending a hand ...

... at applying a layer of wood preserving paint

Ex head teacher, come tutor Mick after his swim - He tutors quite a few kids from the Lido.

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