Monday, 5 April 2010

Easter Monday Egg race

Easter Monday at the Lido wouldn't be the same without the traditional egg and spoon race .. and before you get the wrong idea, it's not a race where members (male and female!) have to catch Egg and smack him on the bum with a spoon ... no, no, no this egg and spoon race consists of swimmers racing a widths of the pool holding a spoon with a chocolate egg in it- the swimmer who makes it to the other side first with the egg still on the spoon wins - simple really ... at least one would think so... here a quick outline of the rules : swimming any style, no holding of the egg - men, ladies and children raced together ... kids were allowed to walk across - so let's see what it all looked like - As I was taking part in the race I had Shirley, my "capable understudy" :) take photos!

Margy taming Vince's hen who felt rather exhausted after having laid a fair amount of chocolate eggs in time before the race and even worse, now having to race as well

Some were off before others ...

Julie with stretched out arm making a good start- Sue, decided to hold her spoon in her mouth, as did the entire Ingamells family -

while one competitor was already looking for his dropped egg before he's even started, another contestant (Vince) was still assuring a safe journey for his beloved hen

Julie and Andrew well on their way ...

... Nicola caught with her thumb where it shouldn't be :)

Andrew and Julie almost there and securing their respective victories

another Ingamells this time son Harry coming in and winning the kids section, but where is Deborah's ..egg? not on the spoon that's for sure!

Evidence that I also took part .. albeit slow and oh so careful :) watch out for next year though -I have studied photos of the winners strategies in detail!

Margy had her own way of making it across :)

Vince and his hen making it in one piece too - spot the egg, it's still in place!

Spoon without an egg - how odd - however it all looks very neat and tidy

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