Thursday, 22 April 2010

Lido heros

Another active day at the Lido - the water temperature is up to 12 Celsius which (understandably) brings a lot more swimmers to the pool!All the really hardened swimmers are upping their game - carl has done 2 miles (36 lengths of the pool) a few days in row now!
Alex, I am sure, is also upping his distance considerably .. I didn't get to speak to him today ... but I'm sure he will let me know :) .. they are all getting very "competitive" about it :) and why not! they are Lido heros! while others are purely enjoying the amazing sun, various colours and reflections on the water and the doors and other objects are performing in front of our very eyes! every one to his/her own (pleasures) -
I swam 8 and really enjoyed those - then I played around with the camera ... getting nice shots but also getting cold! off to the sauna .. the last few days of sauna are to be savoured!

Alfonso geting ready for his swim -

and checking his watch: "I want to do 20 lengths in 30 minutes" and he actually managed to do them in 28 min. Well done Alfonso!

Alex (slightly ahead) was already swimming his lengths when Alfonso joined in- they helped each other swim faster!

Peter getting changed

and putting final touches to his outfit before...

... submerging completely


  1. Nice pictures. I didn't even see you this morning. I did a few good laps with Alfonso which was fun, we kept good pace even though I'd already done 14 laps before he got in. Only 22 overall then I had to get to work.

  2. yes, I watched Alfonso jump in and wizzzz past you when I thought to myself " not for long, Alex will take up the challenge" And you did! you were actually faster by the time you got out!He was very happy to have swam his 20 lengths in 28 min! faster than what he had he aimed for- must have been because you pushed him hard!C u tomorrow.

  3. Hardly a hero! I think I'm going to sloow down now and work on my stroke. Lovely to see your pictures everyday. And hope I can help you develop your crawl in early May.