Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Funny face

From (yesterday's) happy face to (today's) funny face! Today, I felt like playing with my "liquid mask" which has an inbuilt camera - achieving relatively good underwater shots is much trickier than it first seems and much more difficult than with my Ixus ... but fun it is all the same! The tricky bit is that the camera although embedded in the mask sits on one's forehead and therefore higher than one's eye level ... anyway I had go! I even took it into the sauna ...

Sue and Margy in perfect harmony

Margy and Sue still

Coming up for air

checking out what's around me

David and Batch thinking I've gone "mad" wearing this thing in the sauna :) and they are not far off :)

Yes, Jonathan, it's me behind the mask!

For this shot, I just pointed the mask without wearing it ... I was already dressed by now .. and imagine how stupid I would have looked wearing the mask fully dressed :)

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