Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Let's All Swim to Latvia

Coming off the main road when cycling to the Lido ... I am being greeted by the somewhat battered Lido sign and the lovely trees which always makes my heart jump for joy!

the green leaves are really turning to yellow ... still plenty on the trees though

signing in this morning, members got the perfect reminder to clock up their distance in the pool for, or should I say to reach Latvia in January (which is where and when the Cold Water Champs will be held - Jan. 20-22 2012) Swimmers can register widths or lengths - so go for it but remember to swim within reason!

as I walked down the line of cubicles there was a brief break in the clouds ...

Jonathan happened to be the only one in the pool at the time .. and he swam straight through the bean of light!

After my forth length a saw Peter walking (backwards) - I interrupted my swim to quickly take this shot .. he told me that walking widths as well as swimming some, allows him to stay in the water longer .. ahhh... I knew there was a very plausible reason for it!

at the end of my swim, Alex was just performing .. yes, yet another tumble turn at the shallow end ... my zoom was set too close which is why I only got a fraction of the action!

waiting for another swimmer - they were all down the deep end - there were plenty of leaves to play with and capture

but here came Vince, fully stretched out

and taking a breath - always a good idea!

back onto length no 3 from a total of 4

Alex was back in no time at all - Sue and Pip in the background -
as well as plenty of leaves at the bottom of the pool

got Alex again as he passed by

and in full stretch just having pushed off the wall

bubbles galore - I bet this is what keeps Alex warm in the pool - he does however claim it's all down to his new neoprene cap!

time to log my feeble 6 lengths - Stephanie clocked up 28! She also put the water temperature down : 12.8 Celsius - how mad that the temperature is going up these days! Didn't feel much warmer than 12 to me :)

lovely contrast of green ivy and golden leaves -
taken above the roof on the railway side of the Lido

some leaves are truly dead ...

Ian and Pip getting ready for their stint in the pool

Yes, chatting with Margy can be pretty scary - even for Alex!
Here Margy was encouraging Alex to swim to Latvia .. no, not all by himself ...
He was chuffed to report his 22 lengths of today.

not sure how many Sue had clocked up ... two wet caps and goggles were proof enough that she's been swimming!


  1. It's a really long way to Latvia and not that long to get there. If the weather holds we'll be okay but I think it'll be tough. Me peeping over the door is pretty funny.

  2. I think we're already outside London (I think I got us outside the carpark!)

  3. I like the pic of Alex peeping above the door - very amusing