Monday, 31 October 2011

Gloomy Light Above And Under The Water

A rather gloomy day above water as well as under water! On brighter note however, October 31st and the water temperature has paradoxically risen .. it's now 12 degrees Celsius (as opposed to the 11 degrees we got accustomed to over the past 12 weeks) ... one could be forgiven for saying that it's going the "wrong" way ... well for sauna lovers (anyway...) but what it did also mean for me, today, was that I was back to swimming 6 lengths ... and not feeling cold at all - not during swimming, not during taking underwater photos and best of all : not after swimming!

Peter has also taken to wading sideways through the water!

this is what it looks like under the water

Alex noticed me taking his photo and gave a good look - I love that leaves that surround him.

I finally caught a better phase of Alex on his tumble turn

once he had pushed off the wall he was away as quick as flash ... the water was rather murky which made for duller photos than I had hoped for ... seeing that we had "supposedly" gained an hours of morning day light ...

let's hope the morning sun returns soon!

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  1. You caught me looking at the camera again! It's one of those things where you catch somthing out of the corner of your eye and have to take a look, making sure I didn't plow into Peter as he scuttled across the pool! Nice pictures.