Monday, 24 October 2011

Red Sky In The Morning

Red sky in the morning ... but no shepherd's warning! The day turned out to be yet another beautiful autumn day with plenty of sunshine. Is that water temperature ever going to go down to 10 celsius?!

this morning's sun rise - taken from my office window before heading off to the Lido

soon after the sun made it over the tree line at the Lido

Ian, swimming along side Sue, decided to wear his wet suit today - he admitted : "It made a huge difference!"

Still he couldn't quite decide whether to swim another couple of lengths with Sue :)

Sue pushing off on her own ... only to be joined by Chris - her "usual" sparing partner -

Vince in his unmistakable gliding style

David and Vince basking in the sun

leaf and flip flop

Alison still swimming with no cap (at all!) while most swimmers including myself are down to wearing 2 caps (in protection of the cold water)!

Alex really felt the cold today - the water temperature is at 11celsius and he is still swimming 18 lengths
he was fine in the water but the hot shower had played a reverse effect on him. The body feeling the hot water on its surface stops heating up from the inside which is the why Alex had to juno up and down to warm up before jumping on his bike to cycle tom work.

Swimmers "contre jour"


  1. Cycling off soon warmed me up, fine by the time I reached work. I might have to cut down the distance a bit though. Nice pictures yet again!

  2. Glad you got warm cycling!I Wonder whether the water wasn't down to 10 Celsius this morning - it really did have a bite to it! must check with David tomorrow morning!