Monday, 17 October 2011

Another Fine Autumn Day

Colder nights and fresher mornings does result in a sure drop in water temperature which is now down to 13 degrees Celsius. Bring it on ... as 10 degrees does mean that the sauna will come on! I can't wait!

Mr. (Alex) Bubbles getting ready ...

steady and really ...

go, go, go : Alex is picking up speed with every length he is swimming!

As I can't keep up with Alex .. I resort to an "above water" shot - the sun had not fully risen above the tree line.

ah... but here come Sue and Chris

I was able to catch them twice!

and here he is again ... there is simply no stopping Alex!

not sure who this is? does anybody know?!

now the sun has made it over the trees and is responsible for these 2 lovely reflections

no. 2

the ladies showers are still cold - the bonus: we are (allowed!!) to share a fairly hot shower with the gents! Sue and Chris seem to enjoy the moment :) but as quick as a flash, Chris...

... turns his hand to photography and captures the end of Sue's shower and the beginning of mine.

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