Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The Secret's Out - More Like False Alarm

moody shot ... towel waiting for his owner (Jonathan)

closed but not closed

Sangeeta's freestyle is coming along nicely

in fact more than nicely :) this is a perfect stroke!
and : she is still not wearing a cap ...!

what's Alex doing now? a headstand? no...

a tumble turn ... of course !

Chris on his usual ritual

While Sue was doing breaststroke ... catching up with Chris

Yes, the secret is out!
this is the sauna .. and it has been switched on!
Sadly it wasn't hot enough around 8.45am (when I finished my swim)
I took my camera over to check it out once fully dressed - it was hot enough to steam up my camera lens and as no one was in the sauna ... I took a shot from outside!
Can't wait until tomorrow when I will be inside, soaking up all the heat!

4pm and I have just been told that the Sauna will not be on tomorrow as the water temperature has not come down to 10 Celsius .. yet ! Today engineers were testing the sauna .. that 's all! so yes, it was on but not for long ... rest assure, sauna time will come .. but not just yet ! :)
Sorry for the false alarm (and false hope..)!


  1. I'm not sure it will be on tomorrow. I think they're just making sure it's working properly. I could be wrong.

  2. Alex is right - sauna will not be on tomorrow as the water temperature has come down to 10 Celsius .. yet! bring on the cold nights!

  3. Oh I bet the water is still lovely with all this fab weather that we're still having x