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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Rain,Thunder, Lightning And A Bit Of Sun

October at it's best ... rain, thunder and lightning and a bit of sun thrown in for good measure.
As I arrived, Sangeeta was just leaving ... I almost bumped into her in the tunnel - me pushing my bike, Sangeeta striding out ... with a smile on her face and a story on her lips :
" you know how it was raining this morning ?! and I love swimming in the rain - well, I got changed - ready to join swimmers already in the pool ... my toe had actually hit the water when a mighty thunder was rumbling, lightning probably not far off and the guards started frantically waving their hands, telling swimmers to get out. So, all I had this morning was a (hot!) shower ....!"
Poor Sangeeta deprived of her swim this morning ... I can so sympathise with her disappointment! Luckily by the time I arrived, the storm had moved on - water temperature still at 11 - will it ever go down ?! :)

hanging leaves

Alex approaching at speed ...

tumble turning and ...

swimming off at speed again!

no one else around to take photos of other than ... leaves

leaves ...

and leaves! in particular this one which caught my attention!

ouppsssieee, there he is again ... another tumble turn this time at closer range!

Pip, an addition to the pool - going in her usual manner

Alison enjoying her swim too

the sun came out

mugs for all - seems like a great idea
I love the reflection of the doors in the outer mug :)

Nick making a splashhhhh! and swimming two widths ... to get into "Margy's good books"!

Margy swimming her two lengths - she is adamant not to overdoing it in the cold water

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  1. More great pictures, I love the swimming off at speed again one.