Friday, 28 October 2011

Sun, Fun and Jumps

I swam a bit later than usual this morning .. 9am instead of 8am and it made all the difference! The sun came out!

The combination of yesterday's rain and todays sunshine made a big difference to the tree just by the entrance of the Lido. It brought out those beautiful autumn colours!

Laurie drawing in Daddy's cubicle

Jane giving her cosy a good rinse after her swim

I left my camera at the edge of the pool - Chris grabbed it and took a couple of shot of me (without me knowing!) Here he caught me at the end of my second length just about the turn around and push off again.

After my swim( and back in control of my camera!) I got Hilary as she got in and started her swim

Gus, still enjoying half term, was swimming with Sue and Chris this morning. Looks like he was "puffing" a bit to keep up :) I couldn't keep up, that's for sure!

and he even pushed off again .. while...

Sue ...made her way...

up the stairs and out

Kit has along journey to get to the Lido ...train, 2 different busses, walking and finally a well deserved swim!

a hot shower and to seal it all off, drying her hair

Fernando's daughter Olivia, and her friend (whose name I immediately forgot the minute she told ... me please don't take this personally!) dis cussing tactics

running ...

and jumping in was the deal ..! but only Olivia jumped!

and jumped again and again

Now they are all jumping (even Fernando's son .. spot the bubbles!)

enjoying the water


  1. Lovely to see so many children enjoying the cooler waters of the lido without batting an eyelid! They were all still there when we arrived.

  2. Her name is Yaiza. And she comes from Barcelona (que?). She's the daughter of my best mate, José. José introduced me to Jordi and Carles who came to do the big swim in Rio last April. I'm working on establishing some sort of pool twinning with them :-)