Thursday, 20 October 2011

First (Mild) Frost Of The Season

October seems to be (fast) catching up on lost time .... the first frost of this year's winter season at the Lido has finally arrived ... the water temperature is down to 11 degrees celsius ... many rejoiced at the sharp drop : "only one degree to go (until it reaches 10) and (as promised by SLSC aficionados) the sauna will be on!"

As I arrived the towels were out in forces!

and all hanging on (different) green doors!

other than Nick's who uses his towel for ...

some of his pre-swim warm up exercises ...

moving along I also encountered some "left over" items

not entirely sure what kind of garment this is (meant to be?!)

Chris and Sue off to a chilly start

followed by Batch

Alex on his last tumble turn - I wanted to catch him on a more favourable phase next time round ... but it wasn't meant to be (today!)

Tom still had it all to do - 2 lengths was all he managed after a week off and this sharp drop in temperature

fortunately the sun made her appearance ...

... and was dancing around on the water

while Batch was powering along

Pip joined him

Batch worked on his stroke over the summer ... and it shows!

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  1. That picture really made me laugh! I think I prefer yesterdays underwater shot though. I really like the light in your photos, very atmospheric. Beautiful pictures (apart from my bum).