Saturday, 15 October 2011

Mystery People In And Out Of The Water

the creator of mysteries

not sure who this is? can you tell?

this diver has a very distinct style of diving - beautiful, elegant but with a "twist" which I tried to persuade the diver to abandon for the sake of a more revealing photo ... :)

.... but it seams that "old habits die hard" :) and the mystery will remain!

male legs, yes .... but whose?

who ?... and

... what style of swimming could that possibly be ?

a gentle approach - a brisk walk before submerging

a lot of bubbles but it's not "Mr.Bubbles"

not even the legs reveal the identity of this swimmer ... or do you know who those legs belong to?!

the shoes may give away what the towel hides!

enough suspense! unmistakably Billy, lover of oranges come what may

ok, that's fairy easy ...! Vince deciding on whether he should swim another two lengths.
Of course, he did! (clock up another two)

leaves, light, water fantasies

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