Saturday, 29 October 2011

The Pink Trademark

All my camera got attracted to this morning while walking down the line of cubicles was this wonderful pink "thingy" hanging above one of the doors of a cubicle very close to the ladies showers. I knew immediately who it belongs to! Do you?!
The sky was still grey which, I think, is why I was longing to capture a bit of colour! maybe I chose to come too early to the Lido this morning...? about 20 minutes after I arrived home (was must have been @ the Lido well over an hour) the sun came out - colours galore and action to capture, I'm sure .. but hey it wasn't to be.. today anyway!

Pink wash "thingy" :) ... well, what would you call it?!

Here we go, Maureen and her (pink) trademark!

Gail and Wendy on their sixth and final length of then day - Not sure I have seen Gail swim freestyle before?!
Looking good Gail! Wendy, swimming breaststroke, was a more familiar site ... :)

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