Thursday, 27 October 2011

More Popular Than You Think

Hey, imagine this : people find and read "unusualloveaffair" ! And, I mean people outside of the SLSC members! In the summer I got approached by a company who sell swim gear on line. They liked the blog and wondered whether in return of a £50 voucher I would review their website?! Before agreeing I had a good look at the website, surfed around for a good hour. I found it very comprehensive, well presented and easy to surf. I even saw items I hadn't seen on other swimming sites. But, before taking this offer further I wanted to make sure that every SLSC member also benefitted from this exercise and agreed to reviewing it on my blog only if our members were also guaranteed a discount when shopping on the swim site. The man in question, Chris Corfield, was very happy to offer every SLSC member a 10% discount. Next I had to inform Chris that I could only go ahead with this in October as no one is allowed to take photos while the Lido is open to the public and that my blog would only restart sometime in October.

A few days into October and my rib now to 98% healed, I had another good browse on the site and bought a lovely cosy made by ZOGG - I really like the cut on it - I also got a micro fibre towel (thinking of Alex I had to go for a orange one!) - the size is a bit disappointing, mind you. And Margy tells me that they are very good but I'm better off using it in the sumer months!
The piece de resistance, I bought, is definitely the mini dry bag by HEAD which I also christened today. It's just the right size and has a great clip to close it with - You just fold the opening once or twice over and use the clip to keep the bag closed - the wet stuff is stored away - so, no risk of getting the other things you may have in your overall bag wet.

I'll put the details for the website as well as more comments on the website at the bottom of today's blog entry.
Enough blurb... now for some pix:

The cut on the ZOGG cosy (I christened this morning) has a lovely back and the leg has a medium cut which I also prefer to the high leg cut. Photo was taken by Alex- he kindly offered so, although I had finished my swim by the time Alex got in, I waited until he was ready to get in, dived in the deep end and swam towards Alex who was waiting at the bottom of the pool! check out his blog too!

great addition to my swimming gear : Mini Dry Bag by HEAD (I never knew they did anything other than Skiing and Tennis equipment!) It's looks a bit bigger in this photo than it actually is:)

The orange on his last stretch before coming to the end of his first length.

Pip pushing off the wall - fully stretched out

Alex, glinding after having pushed off the wall and just about to take his first stroke
(watch how his right arm is about to come back)

two way traffic : Fiona (closest to camera) just starting off and Pip on her last length

Pip swam 6 lengths before doing 2 widths of running through the water - anything to keep fit (and warm!)
Vince - showing a perfect arm movement - ending all the way back, past his hips

Here more about the website : it's called simplyswim

They also have a video section for items which is very helpful and certainly a "first" for me on such a site. It makes the site instructive and very user friendly - I think the guys put a lot of thought into creating the simplyswim site.

They also have links to other swim related bodies which is great too.

The only disappointment, I felt was that a great number of items from swimsuits to towels are sold out - always disappointing when that happens ... sure the most popular sizes will sell out first .. but it's always rather frustrating when looking through such a great number of items and one finally finds the colour and style one likes .. only to find out that the item is sold out - same applies to items that are on sale .. one's hopes get lifted (who doesn't like to shop in the sales :) ) again, only to see that there are actually only ridiculously small sizes left in that particular item...

Chris has given me a voucher code for the 10% discount but by copy and pasting it into the body of the blog it didn't work without a certain plug in ... technical stuff I'm a bit clueless about ... so bear with me on that one... I will try and find out how to do it and post the 10% voucher on another blog entry .. SOON !

On a more positive note, I find the delivery charges reasonable.

I just had another idea maybe all we need for the 10% is the code itself instead of the banner I was sent - But I will double check - But for now:

TRY putting this code in - it may work: SVC22


  1. Elizabeth - they asked me too, but I said 'No'. Enough advertising imposed on me by Wordpress and Google as it is. And you might want to let everyone know that they can get 10% off at Swimming without Stress by entering SLSC10.

  2. Yes thank you Carl - good point - I will - having said that most SLSC members already know of the 10% discount from swimming without stress.

  3. I'll try and take a better picture of you tomorrow, that one was a bit blurry. I'm not sure if it's my eyes, the camera or the lack of light in the deeper water? It looks like a good site so well done getting us all a discount, I wonder what they have in orange?