Friday, 14 October 2011

October - The Month Of Sublime Light

The atmosphere and the changeable light at Lido during the month of October is simply magical! The choice for different photo opportunities is endless which meant that I was in the water far too long .. I swam, not many lengths mind you, because I couldn't stop diving down to the botton of the pool and finding all sorts of angles. as well as ....

... peculiar rituals .. followed by ...

amazing shapes and light

more praying .. not sure what for?

Will not quite sure about what I was doing?!

Mike sort of praying too!

Pip suddenly came up from behind and I quickly turned around and took this shot

Mr, Bubbles did his semi dive from a sitting position from the edge of the pool - lots of Bubbles!!

Mike again - this time pushing off the shallow end of the pool - his prayers may already have been answered?!

Vince as elegant as always - no goggles - which I have taken to but decided against today as taking photos without the goggles would have been impossible

Alex, in full stretch - I noticed that he kicks more more now than ever before! I caught him on a beautifully "aggressive" stroke, I think!?

More of Pip - she is also swimming without goggles

not sure how long Pip will be able to keep up swimming without goggles with all the leaves?!

more "art" - the leaves do fascinate me!


The sun reflecting on the changing room and metal

Tom , not quite sure who he is saluting ?!

and finally:
this lovely bunch of flowers (please remind me of the name ?! :) was presented to Margy today for her belated Birthday Breakfast - shame on me I can't remember the name of the lovely lady who brought the flowers from her garden... sorrieeeee!

please someone tell me and I will amend!

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  1. Beautiful pictures. I don't think I kick more, the water feels heavier as it gets colder so perhaps I am? I love the first leaf.