Friday, 21 October 2011

The Sauna Remains Firmly Closed

Surely the Sauna must be coming on soon?! The water felt colder than yesterday ... and yet ... still no sign of the sauna coming on ... I wonder how many more days we will have to swim it out ?!

Michael stretching out ...

and swimming just a touch behind Suzanne

who told me that she is "new to this" ... but with the great stroke she has ...

... she is bound to be smiling all through the winter!

Jonathan cut done to swimming 2 widths this morning

I asked Alex to dive out a bit further from his sitting position so that I could get him more in mid air ... so I thought anyway .. :)

another fun moment of Alex on his tumble turn, he seems stuck against the wall and just about to push off

Ian .. suspended - great body turn but what is your left arm doing, Ian?!

could that be the foot ...

... that kicked the ball .. into the water?!

Carl blowing bubbles!

Sue on her 14th length ...

....and calling it a day


  1. Elizabeth - nice pic. It was blooming' freezing this morning. Bring on the sauna!

  2. I think that's about as mid air as you'll ever get me. I Like the photos too.