Monday, 7 November 2011

Bold Dive

Coming to the Lido this morning I couldn't but notice how spick and span it looked ... not a leaf to be seen on the water ... the path along the cubicles was just as clean ... When I asked Antony how they managed to have the Lido look so immaculate, he replied with a simple : "a lot of sweeping!" Thanx guys!
This meant that today's misty, damp and windy November morning was a bright one after all ... specially when Jonathan took up the challenge to dive it ... he even offered a choice .. "do you want me to jump in or dive in?" Oh, dive! not a question!

Jonathan getting ready to get in ... before I asked him how he was going to get in ?!

forget the goggles and off with the thermo cap ...

... Jonathan's great dive in!

No doubt, this will have set Jonathan up for the day!

Alex on the move .. legs up and over - arms already pointing forward ready for the forthcoming push off the wall...

remains of the SLSC vs. Serps Gala that took place at the Lido yesterday - well done SLSC for clocking up a great victory!

relaxed swimming - no cap but a great neoprene headband and goggles also does the trick!

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