Tuesday, 22 November 2011

What's It Called

I missed my swim yesterday as I had an early train to catch ... but made up for it today with an extended stay at the Lido - Lovely sauna/chat and double swim. What more can one ask for?!

Mr Bubbles, the solitary figure in our huge pool (this morning when I arrived).
I caught him performing his tumble turn in the deep end - he's still swimming 18 lengths at 9C - Alex came earlier today so that he could make (good) use of the sauna before having to rush off to work

only a few leaves to share the pool with

soon to be joined by Vince (in a trance, eyes closed) .. still swimming without goggles - he too came a bit earlier so that he could spend (quality) time in the sauna before cycling off to work

Lifeguards on duty on a rather dull (yet mild) morning - watching Vince glide past

Jane wracking her brain to give me the name of an auction house (she goes to and recommends) near Wandsworth Bridge ...

almost got it ... ahhh yes ... wait a minute ... : "Criterion Auctions" that's it! I'm just as bad with names ... so Jane kindly wrote it down for me! After that mental early morning exercise we were both ready to go for our swim!

after my 4 lengths I caught this swimmer
(sorry, didn't quite recognise the legs) on his way out

Sue approaching as another swimmer is getting in

Sue swam on her own today ... sparing partner, Chris, has started rehearsals

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