Thursday, 1 December 2011

December Mile Man

December 1st and we are waking up to a rather grey, dull yet quite mild december morning - Alex had set himself the goal to swim a december mile - so today was the day - wold he change his mind ? or would he stick to his guns and accomplish the challenge he had set (himself)? He has been swimming a mile each day for the entire month of november ... so no one was really doubting whether he could overcome his (self inflicted) pain barrier of swimming 18 lengths in water temperature that hovered around 8C!

big day for Alex (alias Mr Bubbles)
december 1st and the challenge is on!

I had just finished my stint (of 4 lengths) when Alex came up behind me -
all engines running

quick tumble

and full steam ahead

David coming out of the sauna - even before taking the temperature he assured me that the water was around 8C ... possibly just 8C

Alfonso arrived a bit later ... checking his watch before ...
leaping in and swimming off

Batch was full of euphoria after his 6 lengths and good warm up period in the sauna -
now it was time to cool down again!

Alex afer his swim, sauna and shower .. did he make the mile?

of course he did - Batch is trying to show the no 18

an elated Alex! "that's it now - I won't swim again" he threatened
but we all know that he'll be back for more - maybe even another mile tomorrow?!

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  1. Congratulations to Alex on the first mile of the month. And I agree with Elizabeth that he'll be doing more.