Friday, 9 December 2011

Leaves For Breakfast

Lido swimmers were greeted by a glorious sunny day again ... well, those who arrived just after 8am that is, as they could figure out that the sun was on her way up, up, up and over the tree line of the railway side of the pool ... the early birds (who swim at 7am) could only judge by the crisp air and arrival of dawn with a cloudless sky that the day would turn out to be just fab! As for those swimmers who turn up from 9.30am onwards, well they had no doubt at all ... but all to soak up.

Simon jumped in after his time in the sauna
a bit shellshocked by the looks of it!

Annie swimming through the leaves
and having some for breakfast ... it seems

I was glad to get to the end of my second length ...
but simply had to stay in
to take some under water shots of the beautiful leaves

the sun came out too and made it all look so magical

engrossed in seeing the world from below the water
I spotted Vince pushing off through a (rare) leaf free zone

thick and heavy water

Margy poking out her head while
getting dressed after her swim and shower .. no sauna ..
I wonder why?!

Jonathan waving to the sun

Sue catching some rays before her swim

David's system of taking the temperature -
thermometer attached to his foot -
"around 5C was the verdict."

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