Thursday, 15 December 2011

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Having missed going for my splish yesterday, I was back bright (or not so brights ..!) and early this morning. My first move was to pull out the thermometer which is resting in the deep end of the pool. 40F which is 4.4 C - definitely brrrrrrr .....! before deciding whether to stick to 2 lengths, I thought of checking whether the sauna was indeed on and pumping out the heat we need!?!
There was no soul to be seen in the water nor in the cubicles ... Stephanie and Simon were however, in sauna after having swam. Stephanie was still on 6 lengths whereas Simon stuck to widths. OK, 2 lengths it will have to be for me!

chilling awakening : 40F = 4.4C

break of the day

proof (yet again) that the winter nights in december
are pretty long - 8am and the (waning) moon is still watching "the activities" at the Lido

not a sole in sight - I had the calm pool all to myself

another short december day - 9am and the sun
is doing her very best to climb upwards

Not long before the lifeguard on duty
will benefit from those few vital rays the sun will offer.

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