Friday, 2 December 2011

Mile Or No Mile

A beautifully crisp and sunny morning ... but where where all the "milers +"??
No, Mr. Bubbles, no Carl, no Fernando ..! but there was (lonesome) Pip swimming up and down on his own ... ahhhh ... God only knows how many lengths (and miles) he's clocked up this morning ...! I bet it was at least a mile .. or two .. or ... when he (finally) came out the only words he muttered were : "you really can feel the 1/2 degree drop!"
Really? surely half a degree wouldn't make much difference to bionic Pip!

the sun was just about reaching over the top of the trees (railway side)

lost or forgotten?

Vince drenched in "mytubo's coffee filter" !

here comes the sun ...

two mummies

Ian starting off (on his own)

the sun was high enough now
to catch the trees next to the men's changing area ...

... and the top of the summer entrance

Ian was still in (blowing bubbles!) when I swam again in after the sauna

Pip's arm and watch - apparently he stayed in an hour yesterday ?!

you gotta love the sparkle!

Mark heading off into the cold

you simply gotta love this picture (too)!
John and Nick deep in conversation - putting the world right ...
but at the Lido (especially on a day like today) Life can only be BLISS!

Pip heading off on another length

spot the steam coming off the roof - one can just about see it-
it looked more spectacular to the eye ... as they say: "you just had to be there"

beautiful how the sun catches Pip's arm and face - no wonder he's smiling


  1. now and again I have to work! Maybe see you this weekend - otherwise I'm out of town til next Friday.

  2. ah ok, well done for yesterdays, marathon swim, Carl! C u soon,

  3. Elizabeth - you need to enter your email address, then click Follow to subscribe to my blog. Good to see you today.